Saturday, October 10, 2009

Urban Speculation Links

Been reading a bit lately on urban architecture and design, which turns out to be a much more active field than I'd have expected. The work I've read comes from an interesting perspective-- there's the creative mindset of art and design students (which also lends itself to an unfortunate affinity for lovely but impractical concept art), mixed with a love of new technology, and an interest in complex city infrastructure and human culture, particularly the way cultural boundaries develop and shift over time and the way behavior is controlled by environment.

While there are certainly some fun ideas floating around, the focus is more on these concepts than their realization, and as such things can get pie-in-the-sky fairly quickly. But if you keep this in mind it can be interesting reading, and it will at the very least introduce to you a new way of thinking about the way we shape and are shaped by our surroundings.

Some introductory links:
May have to post in more detail on some of these in the future. Fun times!

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